Articles we've been fortunate enough to be mentioned in!!

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A Tour of Napa Valley

-MarthaStewart.com "Living"

"The burritos at La Luna are terrific, stuffed with fresh cilantro and onion...The pairing of the wine and the spicy burritos is as delicious a California picnic as you could compose."

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La Luna and a Great Lunch


"Harvest is in full swing here in Napa Valley and no place is busier than the taqueria in the back of La Luna Market in Rutherford..."

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In search of the transcendent taqueria

 - San Francisco Chronicle

"Call it 'trial by taqueria.' Here are critic Bill Addison's 20 favorites from his 85-taqueria tour of the Bay Area, listed in alphabetical order..."   

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Lunch Like a Local


"Brenda and Dylan had The Peach Pit. Rachel and Ross had Central Perk...And, lucky for wine country travelers, the spots in our own backyard are much more accessible than their fictional TV counterparts..."

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The Other Napa

- Chow.com

"The carne asada super burrito is a must-snarf..."

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-The Press Democrat

"...Rutherford’s La Luna Market, a favorite of off-duty chefs."

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Napa Valley, Reconsidered: Where To Stay, Eat, Sip and Shop

- Travel & Leisure

"Policemen and CEO's alike flock to La Luna for terrific Mexican takeout..."

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Bohemian Best of Food & Drink 2008: Best Place to Chill with the Vineyard Workers

-The Bohemian

"...Fig and persimmon preserves and south-of-the-border baking ingredients line the aisles, but when your monster carne asada arrives, wussy stuff like condiments and spices hold little interest, unless it's to admire the handfuls of fresh cilantro and onions that liberally adorn your burrito..."

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Napa For Nada

-San Francisco Chronicle

"To-go gold mines include La Luna Market and Taqueria in Rutherford, which makes arguably the best carne asada burrito in Napa Valley."

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Cooks Night Out: Ken Frank

 -San Francisco Chronicle 

"I think they make the best carnitas in the valley, and their salsa is not gringo-fied, with just the right amount of heat," Frank says.

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Napa County's Highway 128

-Via Magazine, AAA Traveler's Companion 

"In Rutherford, find spicy classic tacos for $1.75 and carnitas-filled burritos for $6.25—delicious alternatives to the $30 plates of foie gras and tartare in three-star restaurants in towns nearby..."

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Fabulous Getaways: Napa Valley, California


"It has amazing burritos filled with all the good stuff burritos should have...Grab one to go and enjoy it before you hit the next winery."

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Napa on a Budget: Local Wally's Guide to Cheap Napa Valley


"Get a burrito or some tacos to go, lay out that blanket you took from the hotel, open a bottle of wine and you're good to go..."

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